Pet Proof Your Home

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Pets are part of the family, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes it’s so hard to say ‘no’ to them when they want to curl up on the couch next to you, or when Sparky the Retriever wants to play a friendly game of tag on your beautiful floors. We all need to have a little fun but we also need to ensure that we maintain our homes so they don’t become overrun by the animals. We’ve compiled a few easy tips to help pet-proof your home so you can spend more time hanging out with your furry friends.

Layer Your Bed With Blankets
When you make your bed every morning, layer it with an extra blanket for the kitties to sleep on while you’re out. When you hit the sack at night, pull it off and you won’t wake up with fur stuck to your face.

Leave a Throw on Your Couch
It’s a great idea to train your dog to ask permission before hopping up on the bed (if you let them at all!). When you’re not home though, chances are your pup is going to take the liberty of hopping up on the couch and start rolling, digging, and stamping out a spot to nap on. An easy solution is to leave a comfy throw spread out over the couch to protect your seat cushions (you’ll also be able to tell if they’ve jumped up!).

Give Them a Place of Their Own
We love the variety of stylish pet furniture and chic pet beds that are out there these days! There’s no need for ratty-looking dog beds are so many ways to integrate pet beds into your home décor and design. We are in love with this idea that we found on Pinterest – a built-in dog house under the stairs!

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Floating Shelves
Indoor cats need to jump, roam, and hide out just like they would outdoors. A fun way to keep your cats entertained and doing the ‘cat-thing’ is to install floating shelves on your walls. You can create platforms, stairs, and walkways so they can be up high and observe everything below. It’s fairly inexpensive and the cats will adore you for it! Give the cats their own place to walk and leap so they won’t jump on your dressers and cabinets and knock everything off.

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The Duster is your Friend
If you have hardwood floors get your duster out! The Swiffer Vac is a great tool to keep your floors dust and hairball free but since we like to live sustainably, we love the idea of using reusable microfiber clothes on a Swiffer Sweeper or Vac.

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Brush Your Pets Regularly
Another way to battle pet hair is to brush your cat or dog’s hair regularly. This is part of being a responsible pet owner anyway, but it’s especially important for indoor pets. Again, there are lots of products out there to remove pet hair efficiently but if you’re on a budget, we love the idea of using rubber dish gloves on your cat. You can also remove pet hair from your fabric-covered furniture and low pile rugs. Fur just clings to the gloves and it’s cheap, simple, and reusable.

Laminate Flooring
If you’re deciding whether to go with laminate or hardwood, consider laminate if you have a cat or dog. Pet nails can be abrasive and any natural movement like running, scrambling, or jumping, could result in an awfully scratched up floor. Laminate is a durable alternative and doesn’t scratch as easily as hardwood. In any case, laminate or wood flooring can be a better solution over carpet: it’s easier to clean – hair (no embedded fur in carpet fibres), moisture, and well, ‘accidents’, and it doesn’t absorb odours.

Baking Soda is Not Just for Baking
If you have carpet, be sure you know how to clean it if your pet has an ‘accident.’ Different types of fibres need different cleaning techniques and products. Check your Homeowner Manuals for tips and guides regarding your carpet type. Baking soda is a great sustainable way to clean your carpets. Sprinkle it all over your carpet and let it set for a few minutes, then vacuum as you normally would. This helps to absorb pet odours. It can also work for absorbing pet stain odours after cleaning the stains. Sprinkle the baking soda into the soiled area and let it dry, then vacuum. Again, refer to your Homeowner Manual for recommended cleaning solutions – but remember to read this before any stains occur so you’ll be ready to take action before it sets in!

Visit our Pinterest page and view our Pets on Furniture board! Gosh they’re so cute and cuddly! And, if you have kitties, dogs, or any other pets that roam freely, what do you do to protect your home? Share your tips here or tweet us @AderaHome!

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