July 13, 2015
by Adera
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Beach Art + Photography

In the spirit of our amazing West Coast summer weather, we’ve rounded up a few beach art pieces that would look just swell in any home, four seasons long. These pieces make us want to find a nice refreshing watering hole to cool off in.

gray malin, bondi beach waves
Bondi Beach Waves, Gray Malin

Paul Ferney, Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach, Paul Ferney

waikiki no.6, Max Wanger
waikiki no.6, Max Wanger

up in the air miami beach, antoine rose
Up in the Air Miami Beach | Clothes Optional, Antoine Rose

Beach Strip, Annabelle Shelton
Beach Strip, Annabelle Shelton

April 30, 2015
by Adera

Q+A with artist Kyja Leslie

kyja leslie

We are excited to introduce a young, local artist with incredible artistic talent — 16 year old, Kyja Leslie. Born and raised in North Vancouver, and currently living with her mother and dog, Kyja spends most of her time painting, rowing, or like any teen, hanging with friends. She spent a year living in Kimberly, BC where you would have likely found her on her grandfather’s horse ranch drawing and sketching all the animals. Kyja plans on going to post secondary for graphic design and illustration. We are currently showcasing two of her stunning pieces in our display homes at The Shore. They’re also up for sale if you’re interested in supporting her work.


Horse painting by Kyja currently displayed at The Shore

Q // Your pieces are beautiful wildlife portraits. Where do you get inspiration for each project you work on? Why the connection to animals?

A // My inspiration comes from almost everywhere. Sometimes I see a photo of an animal and get inspired, while other times it’s just from my head. When I was really young I spent a lot of summers and vacations at my grandfather’s horse ranch. There were mostly horses and cattle but I would often see elk, foxes and coyotes as well. I really fell in love with drawing and sketching the animals there, including my own horse, Brandy.



Q // We’ve noticed your beautiful art throughout the display homes at The Shore [by Adera]. Where did you develop your skills as a painter and how did you get your start so young?

A // I never really went to a lot of art classes. I attended a few but I never enjoyed the restrictions they put on what you could do. I started young just because I enjoyed it. It’s always been something I’ve loved and practiced.



Q // Who is an artist you admire who inspires your work?

A // If I’m being completely honest I’d say my best friend, Danielle Adams. There are many amazing painters out there who inspire me but I’ve grown up painting with her and Danielle’s work always gets me inspired.


Shaking Tiger

Q // Describe your favourite piece you have created and why.

A // My favourite painting would probably be Shaking Tiger. This is my favourite piece just because it was so incredibly fun to create. The finished product is lovely too of course, but I really just let go and had fun with that painting.

Q // What do you think your art adds to a home?

A // I believe it adds a little colour and originality. My favourite thing to work with is colour. Some of my pieces are not vibrant but I always add unusual and unique colours into places they wouldn’t normally be. I feel like this gives a home a little more excitement.

March 6, 2015
by Adera
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How radiant floor heat works

Some of our Adera homes – remix, Sail and The Shore – are heated with a hydronic radiant floor heating system, a sustainable form of heating because of its increased efficiency (versus forced-air heating or electric baseboard). In terms of comfort, who doesn’t like having a nice warm floor to walk on, especially on those chilly winter mornings. Not everyone is familiar with this form of heating system so here’s a brief rundown of how it works and why it benefits you as an Adera homeowner.

Radiant floor heating (RFH) involves tubing under your home’s floors. With an RFH system, the heat from the floor warms everything it touches and radiates throughout the room from the ground up. Think of RFH like heat from the sun. On a sunny day, if you step from the shade into the sun, you’ll feel warmer even though the air temperature is basically the same. This is how radiant floor heating works. Temperature throughout the room is more constant than with standard forced-air systems or baseboard radiators.

Embedded in concrete, this layer then acts as a thermal mass to retain heat, so essentially, you have a large, hot block under your floor. Concrete owes its ability to retain heat because of its density.

Water is pumped up from the boiler into a ‘control panel’ called a manifold. From this manifold, the hot water is sent through a pattern of PEX tubing by a recirculating water pump (PEX is polyethylene tubing that’s leak-free, non-toxic, flexible and capable of handling high temperatures). These zones, in turn, can be controlled separately through the wall thermostats.

The most economical use of this system is to find a desirable temperature and keep it within a few degrees. Turning a thermostat completely off or dramatically lowering it at night will incur a
greater energy cost. This is due to the fact that the entire floor would have to be reheated. The process inherently takes longer, thus requiring more energy in doing so. By choosing a desired comfortable temperature and in maintaining it, you will find what makes Radiant Floor Heating so comforting to live with.

So, how does radiant floor heating benefit you?

1 // As mentioned, it’s an efficient system and therefore more economical to operate. That means more money in your pocket {hooray!}.

2 // You’ll be breathing easy {and maybe doing a little less dusting} since there won’t be any dust spewing from a vent or baseboard.

3 // If you have young children, an RFH system would be safer as there aren’t any hot surfaces like an electric baseboard heater to touch {or find crayons and plastic army figures melted to it}.

4 // Peace and quiet. No clicking from expanding radiators, no vents whooshing. Just silence and warmth.

5 // You can lay out your furniture any way you please! You won’t have to measure wall space and seek out furniture with a specific dimension to fit along a wall with an electric baseboard heater or radiator; no floor vents to avoid. This deserves a second hooray!

6 // Finally, you can physically feel the heat under your feet from the ground up {every single one of your ‘little piggies’ will thank you}.

A more in-depth explanation can be found here.

February 18, 2015
by Adera
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2015 Lunar New Year | Wesbrook Village

lunar new year 2014

The lion making its way to Sail at last year’s Lunar New Year celebrations

This year’s Lunar New Year is February 19th and we are bringing in the Year of the Sheep – a symbol of peace and harmony. The general outlook for the year? Based on an excerpt from A China Family Adventure, “…this year will be the year for contemplating and appreciating what has already been accomplished, to think about bringing goodness to others, to take a deep breath and calmly look at what’s ahead. A steady path, generosity, and keeping the peace are this year’s mantra.”

Whatever the predictions are, we are looking forward to a year of happiness, prosperity, longevity, and good fortune for all. If you’re still looking for somewhere to take part in the New Year celebrations, join our Prodigy sales team at Wesbrook Village, UBC for family-fun festivities, hosted by the Wesbrook Village Welcome Centre team. Events take place Saturday, February 21, beginning with a guided forest walk at 10AM through Pacific Spirit Park.


The lion is an auspicious animal that brings good luck therefore the dance itself is thought to bring good luck.

You won’t want to miss out on the traditional lion dance at 11AM where the lion will wind its way through the Village, making visits to various shops and ending at our brand new on-site Prodigy Presentation Centre (118 – 6033 Gray Avenue). Our sales team will also have face painting for the kids, popcorn, and a lucky red envelope giveaway so be sure to visit them. And while you’re there, be the first to tour through our four new beautifully decorated display homes.

All in all, it should be a fun-filled day of cultural education and activities! Hope to see you there!

February 13, 2015
by Adera
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We’re blushing. 5 ways to incorporate pink into your home.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we decided to put together a special post for you. We’ve rounded up some sweet spaces that puts hearts in our eyes! Soft hues of pink are a perfect accent on a grey, neutral palette, and for a bit of shine, we love copper or rose gold — a charming combination.

A cute couple: copper and blush // These two go hand-in-hand. If you Google ‘copper and blush decor’ you might find yourself overwhelmed with the results! But who can resist? Together it offers whimsical sophistication that tends to look its best on a neutral palette — softer shades of gray, white and lighter woods like oak and maple.

No reason why a guy can’t appreciate pink // Guys, this is pink. Not ‘salmon’. We are enamored with this stylish, masculine decor in this Berlin apartment. There’s a lot of dark woods and accent walls, leather and stone, throughout but the large windows in the main living space and white walls help open up the 645 sq.ft. home. The dark palette with pops of pink create contrast, drama and a mix of emotions. It’s the equivalent of the perfect Hollywood Valentine’s Day rom-com {with a happy ending of course!}.

pink masculine

source: all day chic

Blushing babes // How obvious! A blush pink accent combines perfectly with other pastel shades in a nursery or playroom. It’s a calming colour combo for those already full-of-energy babes {parents, you know what we mean}. We can’t hide our affection for this adorable reading nook. It’s a clever idea, isn’t it? A fun, inexpensive way to accent the corner and simple to do too.

pink house corner

source: vertbaudet

I could stare at you forever // Ever find yourself sitting at home, staring into a blank white wall? That doesn’t sound very inspiring. May we suggest a pale pink feature wall instead? It’s a nice shade of pink that makes a statement, in a grown-up way. We can’t help but swoon over how this gallery wall looks — the choice of art, the frames, the contrast, the overall simplicity. An unexpected wall colour, indeed, but lovely and easy on the eyes.

Just can’t commit to this relationship // Okay, so pink is not really your thing. But you kind of like it. But kind of don’t. Well, if you have a love-hate relationship with pink and just aren’t willing to make a long-term commitment, you can always try going the floral route. Fresh cut flowers brighten up any space so you could try accenting your home with pink peonies or tulip magnolia branches. Short and sweet. A just-for-fun fling, perhaps? How could you not fall in love though?

tulip magnolia branch

source: terrain

So? Are you in love? Is it just a crush? Or maybe it’s just not working out. Follow your heart and let us know how you feel about incorporating pink into your home. Show us your pink on Twitter or Facebook! Happy VDay!

February 5, 2015
by Adera
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Priya’s Picks – Easy DIY for a FRESH space

In January we featured some ideas to help transition from holiday decor to winter fresh. Some of us were gung-ho about starting the year with a fresh look, and others… well, not so much {new year, new goals, who has the time?!}. But now that we’re officially into the second month of the year, it’s definitely time to pack away the last reminiscence of the holidays that are still lingering around the household {don’t worry, we’re all guilty!}. Today I’m going to share with you some more quick and easy DIY ways to get your space out of the “holiday blues” slum and really freshen it up.

1 // Changing up your Furniture Hardware
Take any piece of furniture you have with hardware, for example: a bedroom dresser, TV media cabinet, dining room hutch, etc. and replace its current hardware with something fresh and unique. This is a simple fix that’s super easy to do, yet makes a big difference. Hardware stores such as Rona, Windsor Plywood, and Home Depot are good places to find a variety of hardware options. If you’re looking for less generic hardware, try places like, anthropologie, Villa Beau Interiors, or The Cross Decor + Design.

DIY 1 - Hardware

2 // Paint + Wallpaper Accents
Paint and wallpaper accents are a great way to create a dramatic impact in your space, as colour and pattern really help dictate the overall feel of a space. Paint is very cost effective, and wallpaper ranges. There are some great cost effective self-adhesive wallpapers available at stores like CB2. As for location – anywhere that could use a little love {blank walls in living and dining areas are usually a good place to accent} – or if you want to play it up another level, incorporating wallpaper in areas you wouldn’t normally expect to see, like in your staircase.

DIY 2 - wallpaper

source: cb2

Aside from wallpaper, there are also some new paint alternatives to achieve the same effect as wallpaper available – take a look on Etsy. This method is highly effective and also a lot easier to change in comparison to wallpaper, with a very similar result! Plus, there is a wide variety of patterns to choose from {high contrast colors will work best!}.

DIY 2 - patterned paint

source: etsy

Another easy fix is simply re-painting your furniture accents – you can have fun with the colors and mix and match as in the image below – or simply just update the color as a whole for a more mature and sophisticated look.

3 // Re-upholstering your Furniture
Re-upholstering your furniture is another effective way to change up the look of your space – from your sofa to your arm chair to your dining chairs – even a bench – any seating area, really. Fabric can do wonders! This is a semi-DIY item – personally, I would go to a fabric store {after you’ve taken your dimensions} and pick out a fabric. I would then take it to a local upholsterer and get it professionally upholstered. As much as I’d like to do it myself, upholstering can get a little tricky and this is something I would put a little bit of money towards to have it done right {plus it’s quite inexpensive}. And, you can complete the look in its entirety by painting the piece of furniture, as mentioned earlier, and shown in the image below.

4 // Frames
A great way to showcase your memorabilia is through a gallery wall – after all, a home is not a home without some personal meaningful imagery. Gallery walls are a great way to add an element of interest to your otherwise blank wall space, and create an awesome focal point. I like to keep the frames consistent in color or somewhat neutral – the image below shows all black frames, which creates a harmonious vibe. You could add in some silvers/golds and mix up the frame textures if you want to make it a little livelier. People tend to get stuck on the arrangements or placements of frames. A good tip is to figure out what you want to display exactly and practice by drawing up a small sketch of the arrangement. Here are some helpful configuration layouts to get you started.

5 // Re-finishing your Fireplace
Simply re-facing your fireplace material will completely freshen up your living space – ledge stone is always a good route to take, or a mosaic tile to create interesting patterns. This is the spot to really play up the element of TEXTURE and create some visual interest.

DIY 5 - fireplace

source: houzz

Tip: a moulding is nice and easy addition to your fireplace, especially when it dual functions as a mantel.

source: Houzz

And for those dated fireplaces that no longer function, here are some stylish ways to make the best use out of them! Candles or faux logs really add great texture and help create that cozy atmosphere.

DIY 5 - Refinish your fireplace

source: unknown

Hopefully this post has inspired some of you to take on one {or more} of these ideas — and please be sure to share your results with us on Facebook or Twitter tagged with #PriyasPicks! Good luck!


January 21, 2015
by Adera
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Embracing the Pantone colour of the year

By now, you’ve probably heard that that Marsala is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2015 but we just want to continue embracing it. This colour warms us up with its rich, sophisticated hue. And just look at Pantone’s spectacular campaign, highlighting the seductive shade in all its glory. We cannot wait to see what designers will do with it this year.

pantone marsala

“Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.” Source: pantone

pantone marsala

“Nurturing and fulfilling, Marsala is a natural fit for the kitchen and dining room – making it ideal for tabletop, small appliances and linens throughout the home.” Source: pantone

pantone marsala

“This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.” Source: pantone

This hue isn’t the most common colour out there but after going ga-ga over Pantone’s campaign we were determined to find a few pieces in a similar shade that would be fun to incorporate into your home. Give it a chance!


1 // Sloan Upholstered Chair | west elm
2 // Cane Back Dining Chair | anthropologie
3 // Inspirational Print | etsy
4 // Abisko Table Runner | EQ3
5 // Marsala Pantone Mug | pantone {had to throw this one in the mix!}

January 6, 2015
by Adera
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From holiday to winter fresh home decor


Does your home feel a little bare after taking down your holiday decor?

Your holiday decorations are probably packed away, ready to be stored for another year, and your home may look a little bare without the deep greens and glittery ornaments. There’s really no need to swing into January in a home that feels like a desolate winter scene in the countryside. There’s no way you’ll feel energized and revitalized for the new year if your walls are void of colour and life! We’ll help you get your personal space looking fresh and vibrant with these seasonal decor tips.

Dress your mantel

winter fresh mantel

Source: terrain

The delicate and airy angel vine with pops of yellow really brighten up this mantel and the candles give some height to the piece {we’re not encouraging you to have lit candles in a bed of greens!}. This is a simple, yet sophisticated look that adds life to an otherwise neutral setting.

Go green

You really don’t need to have a green thumb to bring lovely greenery into your home. Try looking for low maintenance plants like Tillandsias or succulents. If you want to stick with a neutral palette for the winter, incorporate accents of metallic to emphasize the green of your new plants. Look for aesthetically pleasing brass frame hanging planters, simple glass jars and vases, or planters made from natural wood or ivory ceramic. Try grouping a mix materials and arrange your planters in spaces that are void of ‘life’. We are super inspired by the clean look of Light + Ladder products.

Light there be {artificial} light

Transition from merry + bright to cheery + bright! String lights don’t have to be for Christmastime only. In fact, you could use them year round. Although, despite our burst of sunny {but c-c-cold} weather, Vancouver winters are typically dreary and the lack of natural daylight can be hard for one to feel motivated. So having some artificial illumination at this time of year may be just the thing to lighten the mood and take charge of the day!

bright lab lights

Source: oh happy day

How fun are these light strings? Bright Lab Lights sells these strands in a variety of colours and you can even build your own with 40 colours to choose from.

ping pong ball lights

Source: say yes

If you’re feeling ambitious or looking for a new project to tackle, try making this DIY ping pong ball cafe lights using LED string lights and, yup, ping pong balls. Definitely a bit tedious but the end result is perfect — a soft, pastel glow that would put a smile on any face. An alternate DIY project are these paper blow box lights that really add a vibrant vibe to your walls. These also take a bit of time to create but that’s the glory of a fun, DIY project — things are always more meaningful and satisfying when you put in the work!

Well, now that you’re full of ideas, off you go to refresh your home decor! Remember, you don’t have to do a lot to make a statement. Just some creativity, accessories, and even a few sprigs of greenery can liven up your space and make your home feel cozy and warm for the winter. Be sure to tag us on Twitter @aderahome with photos of your winter fresh home decor!

December 18, 2014
by Adera
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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers — Sustainable Style

Holy Rudolph. Santa’s big day is only a week away. Does Christmas come faster every year? Or do we just think that because the malls get gussied up earlier and earlier in the year…? Whatever the reason, the reality is, you’ve got 7 days of shopping left! And, if you’re looking to fill your stockings, hung on the mantel with care {or for most condo dwellers, perhaps hung with 3M Command hooks on the tile surround that frames your electric fireplace}, we’ve got a few eco-friendly ideas that may help reduce the amount of waste generated over the holidays. Your gift recipients will likely thank you in the long run.


1 // Support local businesses

got craft

Source: gotcraft.com

Shop local. Look for products that are ‘Made in Canada’ or shop at local boutique stores in your neighbourhood. Craft fairs and markets are great places to find local handmade gifts that are unique and add that extra special touch. Check out Got Craft? for event listings around the Lower Mainland. Sometimes you have to pay a little more but you’re putting your hard earned dollars back into the economy and you can feel good about supporting our own businesses.


2 // Energy Star light bulbs

Yeah, why not. An Energy Star bulb uses about 70 – 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, lasts 10 – 25 times longer, and saves you $30 – 80 in electricity costs over its lifetime (source: energystar.gov). Plus, BC Hydro offers rebates for choosing Energy Star certified lighting, which includes LEDs, CFLs, and light fixtures. You could even offer to switch the bulbs out and bring the old lights to a LightRecycle drop off depot.


3 // PlanetBox

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for a family, these not-so-average lunch boxes are a great idea for packing lunches or snacks in an eco-friendly manner. PlanetBox offers a range of products that are all reusable and durable, and encourages you to pack lunch more often. You might even notice a little extra money in your savings from not spending your daily lunch allowance, as well as from not purchasing disposable sandwich bags or plastic wrap. Make sure to let your lucky gift recipient know about weelicious’ Instagram feed — this amazing mama posts great ideas for lunches using these PlanetBox lunch boxes.


4 // Memories and Experiences

We are fans of the metro vancouver ‘Create Memories, Not Garbage’ campaign. You can be a Green Angel by giving your loved ones memorable experiences, a ‘day off’ from their typical busy lives, homemade goodies and treats, or anything personal that they may really appreciate. There are a lot more ideas on the website if you need some inspiration. Some of our favourites include: tickets to an event, paying for an everyday ‘chore’ like a haircut, offering to walk the dog, or babysitting so Mom + Dad can have a kid-free date night.

And finally, if you’re feeling super generous…

5 // Nest Thermostat

nest thermostat

Nest corresponds with your smart phone! Program it from anywhere!

Our homes at remix and The Shore are, and will be, outfitted with these super cool thermostats that basically learn your schedule and help reduce your heating/cooling bills by up to 20%. You can even control it with your smartphone. For a review of the product, check out our past entry — learn about nest so that nest can learn about you!

Good luck with your remaining holiday shopping! Remember, everyone can do their part to make the holidays a little ‘greener’ by spending less money, choosing greener products like LED string lights, and finding creative ways to produce less waste. Let’s make a resolution together to live more sustainably by making small changes in our day to day lives, whether it be switching to Energy Star certified lighting, pulling out our sweaters and blankets to stay cozy at home, or composting our food waste. Happy holidays!

December 5, 2014
by Adera
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Priya’s Picks – Holiday Edition

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are the perfect excuse to introduce some creativity & festive flair into your home décor and expressing your personal style. From table settings for those never-ending holiday feasts, to fireplace mantels and cozy living spaces, and even to gift wrapping – I’ve put together an undeniable colour palette with 6 trendy styles that can be incorporated into anyone’s space!

6 holiday colour trends

1 // Pale Blue + Gold
Lovely palette adding a touch of frost and sparkle to your holiday décor.

2 // Red Plaid + Black
Add some stylish bold plaid in your holiday mix to create a dramatic holiday setting.

3 // Gold + Black
A great way to bring in elegance and visually strong lines from your gift wrapping to your table setting!

4 // Plum + Gold
Two colors that go absolutely beautifully together and create that cozy chic feel.

5 // Monochromatic Wintery Whites
White-on-whites with natural tones and textures for a gorgeous and bright winter feel.

6 // Gold + Silver
Killer combo that adds a level of glamour and creates a classic chic ambiance to your space!


Aside from holiday décor, here are a few hostess gift ideas you can’t go wrong with because we know you’ll be hitting up tons of holiday parties this season! And, maybe you’ll want to pick something up for yourself too (why not?!).

cocktail shakersHand-etched mouth-blown glass cocktail shakers in festive colours at Pottery Barn.

faux fur wine bagFor an extra-indulgent gift (that’s actually quite inexpensive!), slip a bottle of your favourite red into this luxe fur bag. Get it at Restoration Hardware.

snow globeShimmery and sparkly. Need I say more? Also available at Restoration Hardware in a range of sizes and collections.

dew ball ornamentElegant hand blown glass ornaments for your tree at 18Karat.

Hopefully this post gives you a bit of holiday inspiration and I’m excited to see what you come up with! Tweet @AderaHome your holiday decor photos on Twitter or tag us on Facebook!

Happy Holidays!